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Helping Families Grow through Surrogacy and Assisted Reproduction

Fertility law involves more than just legal proficiency. The path to parenthood that relies on science and law is an intensely personal and emotional one and the professionals who guide you through it should be not only capable, but also compassionate. The Fertility Law Group embodies no less.


"Wombs for Rent" or Bodily Autonomy? Feminist Ambivalence Towards Assisted Reproduction in the 21st Century

by Rose Holden Vacanti Gilroy

Assisted reproduction has become increasingly widespread in the United  States, with 73,602 children born using assisted reproductive technologies  (ART) in 2020 alone. Yet, as of late, ART has not fostered much mainstream feminist action or extensive contemporary discourse within feminist legal theory.


Join Alexis Cirel and the Women of the Fertility Law Group for The Chick Mission's Annual Ladies Only Event to Support Hope Grants for Women Battling Cancer on May 23 in NYC

The Fertility Law Group at Warshaw Burstein is a proud sponsor, along with RMA of New York, of The Chick Mission’s annual “ladies only” event to support the organization’s vital work.

  •  Eric Wrubel

    Eric Wrubel

    Mr. Wrubel’s legal practice is devoted to handling complex reproductive and family law matters.

  •  Alexis L. Cirel

    Alexis L. Cirel

    Ms. Cirel is a recognized leader in the quickly evolving area of reproductive family law.

  •  Sarah A. Steckler

    Sarah A. Steckler

    Sarah A. Steckler is a partner in our Trusts and Estates Group.