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Helping Families Grow through Surrogacy and Assisted Reproduction

Fertility law involves more than just legal proficiency. The path to parenthood that relies on science and law is an intensely personal and emotional one and the professionals who guide you through it should be not only capable, but also compassionate. The Fertility Law Group embodies no less.


Warshaw Burstein Sues CNY Fertility For Negligent Handling of Same-Sex Couple’s Embryos

Eric Wrubel, a partner in and Chairman of the firm’s Matrimonial Group and Co-Chair of its Fertility Law Group, and Alan Pollack, a partner in the firm’s Litigation Group, have filed a complaint on behalf of their clients in Albany State Supreme Court against the CNY Fertility Center (CNY) and several of its physicians.


The Child Custody System Is Broken; Our Kids Need It Fixed

by Eric Wrubel
To fix the child custody system requires an acknowledgment that “the system” is broken. The legal system is ill-equipped to handle the dissolution of the family and its re-ordering post-divorce.

  •  Eric Wrubel

    Eric Wrubel

    Mr. Wrubel’s legal practice is devoted to handling complex reproductive and family law matters.

  •  Alexis L. Cirel

    Alexis L. Cirel

    Ms. Cirel is a recognized leader in the quickly evolving area of reproductive family law.

  •  Sarah A. Steckler

    Sarah A. Steckler

    Sarah A. Steckler is a partner in our Trusts and Estates Group.