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Partner Alexis Cirel featured on The Not Safe For Mom Group Podcast

01/09/2022 | The Not Safe For Mom Group Podcast
When her doctor presented gestational surrogacy (i.e. where the parent - not surrogate - provides own egg for fertilization) as an option for Alexis Cirel, it felt, at first, like defeat. Not only was it something she hadn't ever anticipated, she learned that it wasn't even a legal option in New York at the time!

The paperwork and the sense of disappointment in her body was overwhelming to Alexis, but ultimately the process was a success and she is now the mom of a 5 and 8 year old and recalls the journey as miraculous and special. Her personal experience with surrogacy and infertility also catapulted her to change course in her professional life, at first to help legalize gestational surrogacy in NY state and advocate for others similarly situated, and now to expand her family law practice to include fertility law including surrogacy arrangements.

Today, she shares the physical process, the emotional process, and her thoughts about it a few years after having had her two children with the help of the same surrogate, with whom she remains close today. Listen to her fascinating story, and if you're going through something similar, or are curious, Alexis encourages you to reach out. She loves helping other women and be the connection she didn't have at the time.